Who was Tony Schulz and who is he now?

The Pilgrim Returns

Tony, has been called by Truth all his life. A bugging, nagging, unending beckoning thorn in his side that has many times ruined what what have been a perfectly normal life.

Strange prophecies from distant relatives, a lifetime of spiritual and physical training and preparation from ‘masters’ of the highest levels. And he never asked for it. It just ‘happened’. It appeared before him according to the unending ‘bug’ to get to the Truth within him. Masters appeared and unusual invites came his way.

He made it to the top but saw he had been deceived by his own hopes. – Tibetan lamas – yellow hats, SAS unarmed combat instructors, Mosques, Churches, Hindu Temples – all places he thought he might find the Truth, but he was disappointed by what he found.

Finally he broke all his personal vows and went back into the world only to fall into the sights of those hunter-killers who are tasked with destroying the back-slider before he becomes a threat and re-acquires his Path. 

When he was in his mid twenties in the Tibetan Monastery he asked his Basque athlete master at the time; ‘When will I attain enlightenment?’ Expecting it any day after such an intense physical and spiritual training regime. He answered, ‘Perhaps when you reach your 50’s’. 

He was shocked. ‘First you have to go through your purgatory’. And he did. This world’s most dangerous enemies of Truth.

In the wilderness, it was 10 years of hell, training to go through Selection and the surprising personal joy of Selection itself and the stupidity of turning down their offer in the end. All this whilst being targeted by multiple agents of the viscous occult usually coming to him in the form of women after breaking his vow of lifelong celibacy at the time. 

Finally facing death and kneeling to Christ and seeing the final Truth itself and being saved by a small powerful Christian woman despite him being an SAS trained bodyguard. And writing a book about it 12 years later whilst struggling in what had returned to a mundane average human existence. 

20 years of hell stuck in the worst possible environment for a peaceful warrior: an office, fending for the family.

Now according to prophecy the time has come. He can no longer abide with the sound of the imprisoned voices of those office workers who live in total darkness without hope of ever escaping.  

I will show you the way and lead by example and re-take the Path for your sake wherever it leads. If you want to become Free, follow me on this journey. I know what it is to be human, to have lust, anger and ignorance. I also know what it is to be in the presence of God and I know which one lasts forever.

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