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What is the difference between a regular soldier and the Special Forces?

The differences we are concerned with is this:

Do – repeat – do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat- do – repeat – do -repeat…

Train hard fight easy. Special Forces
Train hard fight easy. Whereas regular soldiers may fire 100 rounds per day it wouldn't be unusual for the SAS to fire 3000 rounds per day in training to hone those instinctive skills.

To most this seems almost facile and boring. We are programmed instinctively to get bored when we have to do something more than a few times. But when you break the barrier of using your mind to do it each time and instead start to develop MUSCLE MEMORY and in fact stop using your mind, that’s when something amazing starts to happen. 

For me, I had trained myself in martial arts from an illustrated book since the age of 7, looking for Truth and peace inspired by the TV series Kung Fu with David Carradine. It was my means of seeking to escape a troubled home and to rise above the evil in the world I already perceived. 

Abbe Sensei Squad
Abbe Sensei Squad

By my 20’s I had searched almost every dojo in the UK for a Master. I was frustrated and disappointed. No-one knew or cared about the Truth for which I sought. Everywhere I went the instructor either made me teach him (Systema London) or wanted to make me Sempai and teach his students (Zen Shorin in Portsmouth). Then I got noticed by an ex-SAS and Japan-taught high dan grade instructor who invited into the fraternity of British Special Forces instructors from Wales who instructed the Royal Marines and the SAS Advanced Training Wing.  

Mick Gould Goshin
Mick Gould teaching in Hollywood - ex SAS Advanced Training Wing

It was only here in the extremes of ‘randori’ where you must employ everything you know in action, that the Moment of Truth began to awaken within me, a blissful suppleness of body and mind together with special abilities. The kind of muscle memory skills that are not performed by self, but by Spirit, and I sought this more and more. 

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