Who is Tony Schulz

The Journey

David Carradine Kung Fu

The first thing he thought to do as a child to find the Truth and peace that he saw was missing, was to look to martial arts and the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, inspired by the programs that seemed to illustrate this on TV. But after many years training with all the 'masters' he could find, until he was invited to train personally with the UK SAS Advanced Training Wing unarmed combat instructor he found that the Truth could not be found there. 


Jesus Messenger

Disappointed, he spent his days deeply studying the University library's Religious encyclopedias where he finally discovered Tibetan Buddhism. It seemed close to Shaolin Temple arts he instructed and loved. Perhaps he could find the real Truth there?

But a messenger came to him and talked about Jesus but he had made up his mind. 

He decided to move into the Monastery of an exiled Tibetan Lama in the UK. 

Life in a Tibetan Monastery

Tara's sacred Potala Palace Lhasa

The Sacred Potala Lhasa, Tibet is the sacred palace of Arya Tara. 

There he met Jiminez, an aristocratic Baque and astounding person, reminiscent of Ramirez the trainer from the film 'Highlander' who was to further train him physically and mentally towards his goal of finding Truth in line with Dan Millman's book Inner Athlete, but much to the disdain of the enraged Lama. 

"I can't show you the Truth, but I can point the Way"

Training body and mind to the extreme. I had taken all the vows I could including even celibacy and chastity and all the Pratimoksha liberation vows. I also risked endangering my long-term health by a self-imposed 3 day fast from food and water whilst still training hard from 4am to midnight each day.

‚ÄčI saw more and more Truth, and insight began erupting around me.

Carlos the Basque

Jimenez on the left when on a training trip to Lanzarote with a brand new hire car of the day

At the door to Truth, challenges enter

He was at peace within himself, but he was uncomfortable somehow there so he left thinking he could make his own path by returning to his SAS instructors to make physical training a path to Truth for others. But that door had closed. His instructor had left for a Hollywood career.

The wilderness

He continued to train hard and was advised to join SAS 21 Squadron to focus solely on martial arts as no clubs outside Japan he found were serious about training. 

The Final Moment of Truth

Finally after much challenge against the enemies of Truth, he experienced the final moment of Truth. He put his self aside and allowed His inner part of God that we all have within us, to manifest in that moment which changed his whole basis of existence. 

The Final Moment of Truth

In the continuing moment I saw everything, eternity in our True essence; I experienced God's incredible love for me regardless of my mistakes and 'His' only wish for me to find peace and happiness. I saw through 'His' eyes as 'He' looked through mine at those around me - my self still set aside and witnessing - seeing the great love and compassion God has for all who are in exactly the same boat as a prisoner of the flesh, living as though this life is all there is; when in fact there is the Eternal Freedom of the Spirit within us, the Ultimate Truth.

man and spirit

Our Common Issue That Limits Our Life

Our sense of self and own limited identity developed through our short lives blocks our ability to achieve our own aspirations and dreams as we give in to worry, fear and doubt. If we overcome the illusion of how we really exist, we will be set FREE.