Who We Are?

Our home, your home, remote untouched


My mission is to help you find your way out of the trap you’ve fallen into if the persona and life you’re experiencing is out of sync with your inner Spirit of Truth.

Sustainable life in accordance WITH nature. 

If you’re out of sync, nothing works. Stress mounts, you never seem to be happy or reach that position in life when you can say you’re finally happy.

deliverance from persona and shift

For example: Why is Richard Branson rich and most everyone else struggling to get by, living hand to mouth? Persona. The persona or self is the program (Ref: Bruce Lipton), we received from our upbringing. It’s made us who we THINK we are. It’s hard to create outside of that persona, UNLESS you have the faith to walk away from the mess and follow your inner heart and Spirit that will lead you to your inner personal dreams coming true. 

Richard Branson was encouraged and shaped into an entrepreneur by his mother. His persona was built positively and happily by his mother. He operates on automatic to achieve his goals, but the rest of us need to move out of our persona on order to achieve what seems impossible to us. 

For many of us now, it’s not even about money. It’s about making the SHIFT to live sustainably on this earth. We don’t want to be left behind!

mass hallucination

Whether you call it mass-hallucination or mass-indoctrination, man has taken the bait hook, line and sinker. We serve a seemingly unknown slave-master on a day to day basis, bills mounting, laws stripping our dignity and freedom of expression and most importantly, our own inner CREATION POWER is being thwarted.

As we follow these leaders – the rich money holders and policy influencers (for their own good), we stay trapped, stuck under their antiquated money making programs that cause evermore pollution and destruction of our home, earth – Gaia.  

What you'll get


You can return to nature. Camp, surf, learn to access your inner Truth and live sustainably off the land as you wish. Find out what it’s like to live as source-God first created us to live in East Africa in the land of safety, harmony and abundance.

What you'll find


Find your own inner Truth, the universal consciousness. It is LOVE, come alive as you learn the power to create Heaven on Earth, here and now and forever. 

Then perhaps as this movement extends over the earth we will change the disaster that is coming into greatness of Spirit, harmony, peace eternal, here on earth and ever-after.