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God's Mind for You

find out who you Really are From God's perspective...

and allow the eternal truth within to come forth and set you free!

your god is real

Tony Schulz, Author of Freedom of the Peaceful Warrior, Amazon Books

Experience the Supramundane

Let the bible bring you life...

Learning to relationship with God

Learn the methods used to re-focus on God in your daily life and see the door starting to open

Relationships, overcoming illusion

See your existence, world and difficult relationships effortlessly transformed by this New Light within you

Making a difference. Gaining wealth for Altruism

Learn to break the chains of poverty and of living from hand-to-mouth. Find your holy inheritance

Learn to decipher the true meanings of the bible and learn how to powerfully use it to overcome the mundane worldly perspective and start making breakthroughs to Truly Becoming Alive. See in a New Light and leave the mundane behind. Start your Journey to your New Life Now

Open your mind now, drink from the eternal fountain of Truth and see in a New Light

Some things we can do straight away...

To help others is to do God's will and all will be written in heaven. These things that can never be taken away from you...

Do these things with a special motivation to help not just some but all, and your work will be multiplied and magnified accordingly. Go straight to their sites below...


There can be no greater fear than being alone as a child on the street with no adult to help and where they can fall into evil hands. Let's do something to help those in such dire need.


help children in thailand

For over 30 years, SafeChild Thailand have been working tirelessly to safeguard at-risk children in Thailand and empower them to reach their fullest potential. They partner with bold Thai organisations to sustain a range of charitable projects on the ground. Click on the image to go straight to their website.


Let's help clean up our oceans and stop plastics ruining our earth...

Click on the image to go straight to those most skilled and able to do something about it.

An albatross chick found on Midway Island. Photo: Chris Jordan

Why we need to TAKE ACTION NOW...

We are intoxicated by the worries and concerns of daily life which creates Spiritual death. If we allow the mundane to completely swamp our more advanced nature and existence, we will never be able to benefit from putting the Truth into Action in our lives.

NEW LIFE and Freedom is there for the taking.

We have inwardly yearned to hear God's voice but when we hear it, it blends into the mundane world and we seldom recognise it. 

In Truth you are the church of God in your own body and once you realise this and make a relationship with the Father within you, you'll take Him with you wherever you go.

 Putting the self aside allows the Truth a chance to manifest and gives forth Real Life. You can become gloriously FREE, fulfilled, and have the life of your dreams.

We are all dissatisfied and feel that empty feeling inside because we have lost that link with the Truth that calls from within us. We need to reconnect and live by Truth. 

The first step is to BELIEVE for more, and know that this seed of Faith that you sow will naturally bring forth fruit and fully ripen in your life if you actively nurture it and focus upon it.

The bible is actually the wake-up manual for mankind. Are you ready to see it transform and become the living Word right before your eyes?

Experience the gospels I call the 'throwing gospels' because they have the actual power to catapult you right into your New World. You can and will make a break through into Ultimate Eternal Freedom right NOW in your Life.

Contact and connect

Awaken, allow God to actually see through your eyes into your world. It is our True destiny on earth. Anything else is wasting time. Work for this. Wake up to the fate of our slumbering brothers and sisters. Become part of the solution, and learn ways to stop adding to problems on earth due to our inherent daily blindness.

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