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Freedom of the Peaceful Warrior

Making life meaningful by applying Wisdom to your life and training

even tap into  eternity and let the truth set you free!


Freedom Peaceful Warrior

Experience the Supramundane

Bring the bible to life...

Some things we can do straight away...

To help others is to do God's will and all will be written in heaven. These things that can never be taken away from you...

Do these things with a special motivation to help not just some but all, and your work will be multiplied and magnified accordingly. Go straight to their sites below...


There can be no greater fear than being alone as a child on the street with no adult to help and where they can fall into evil hands. Let's do something to help those in such dire need.


help children in thailand

For over 30 years, SafeChild Thailand have been working tirelessly to safeguard at-risk children in Thailand and empower them to reach their fullest potential. They partner with bold Thai organisations to sustain a range of charitable projects on the ground. Click on the image to go straight to their website.


Let's help clean up our oceans and stop plastics ruining our earth...

Click on the image to go straight to those most skilled and able to do something about it.

An albatross chick found on Midway Island. Photo: Chris Jordan

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